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Party themes 8 - 12 years

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Wednesday party

This cult series on Netflix is the new trend among kids. In addition to the famous dance from the series, which of course cannot be missed at the party, we play "scary" and funny party games! Wednesday welcomes the party kids to a cool birthday party! All girls can even dress up as Wednesday!

Beauty party

We make a quark mask, nails are painted, there is age-appropriate make-up and tattoos are a must! In between we play Beauty Bingo, dance and do crafts! Great fun for cool girls!

Harry Potter party

Hogwarts at Partylicious! All wizard apprentices are welcomed by our team, can dress up and then the big Harry Potter party starts. The sorting hat divides the guests into different teams and then the games can begin...

A magic show can be booked optionally.

Agent Party

This birthday involves solving puzzles so that at the end of the party everyone gets a  “secret agent” certificate! Cool games guaranteed!