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Barbie Party


Party program

Girls dreams are coming true ... The birthday child 

welcomes their guests to a
adorable girls party. The birthday rooms are beautifully decorated, of course in all shades of
The girls can dress up, have their make-up done, dance and do handicrafts - and everything
with a lot of glitter! 


What's in it?

Room rental of 2.5 hours

The location is only reserved for your party

Personalized invitation card to print out 

Decoration service / setting up your party

Decorated location

Organization of many extras, if desired

10 party kids, including birthday child

Decorated parents' table for up to 4 people

Table decoration and 6 helium balloons

Entertainment for 2.5 hours

Craft materials

Group photo in the frame as a gift for each child

Pasta meal and apple juice / water during the party

Cotton candy for dessert

Dismantling your party

Additional party guests and party time can be booked

Party price: 580.00€

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