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Candy Party


Party program

Welcome to our Candy Shop!

We welcome the birthday child and his guests in the colorful decorated location. At the candy party, of course, the focus is on the sweets. From a colorful selection of marshmallows and other sweets, the kids can make chains, candy skewers and design other crazy things. Of course, you can also nibble!  

In between there is playing and dancing, everything that makes a perfect party!


What's in it?

Room rental of 2.5 hours

The location is only reserved for your party

Personalized invitation card to print out 

Decoration service / setting up your party

Decorated location

Organization of many extras, if desired

10 party kids, including birthday child

Decorated parents' table for up to 4 people

Table decoration and 6 helium balloons

Animation for 2.5 hours

Craft materials and a lot of sweets

Group photo in the frame as a gift for each child

Pasta meal and apple juice / water during the party

Cotton candy for dessert

Dismantling your party

Additional party guests and party time can be booked

Party price: 620.00€

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